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Mosquito Mary's customized solutions protect your pets and loved ones from mosquitoes, ticks, and 65 other flying, crawling, and disease carrying insects.

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Mosquitoes, Ticks, & Fleas oh my!

Locally owned and operated, our licensed and trained technicians will stop mosquitoes at the source. Ticks? Not around your new outdoor patio set! Whether you use your yard to entertain every weekend or just to let the dogs out, get peace of mind whenever you step outside.

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Effective Solutions

Our concentrated blend of essential customized solutions that include oils and synthetic plant extracts are proven to eliminate, kill on contact, and repel mosquitoes where they dwell. Our customized blend is completely effective and cost-efficient.

All-Natural Options

Our all-natural barrier spray and mosquito trap solutions are designed to be effective without the use of chemicals. The Mosquito Mary's Mosquito Trap uses a biological control agent to kill mosquitoes. It deploys an EPA-approved fungus that kills the mosquito sever days after infection and can prevent disease transmission.

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What customers say after enjoying the outdoors again!©

2 days ago

We just had our first spray yesterday. Very personable and informative. We would get swarms of mosquitoes everywhere. 30minutes after he left I could go outside and not battle the bugs. day two I’m happy 5 stars. Thanks Jesse!

- Lindsey S.

~2 weeks ago

Rory and Johnny were extremely helpful and tentative to my concerns. We had them come out again to spray our yard for mosquitos and since we have pets they asked if we were concerned about ticks...They were both extremely helpful and considerate!

- Jay M.

~2 weeks ago

To say I was skeptical is an understament, I have a 1 acre property on the lake with a pool and lots of mosquito's...3 days outsid e doe Memorial day weekend and no one seen a mosquito- worth every penny to enjoy the outdoors again

- Jeff S.

~1 month ago

Johnny was great--super informative and pleasant! In general, Mosquito Mary's has been valuable--we noticed a difference right away with our backyard mosquitos this summer. I would definitely recommend (and I have)!

- Courtney C.

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About Mosquito Mary's for Outdoor Pest Control

Mosquito Mary’s fully licensed and trained team of technicians know exactly how to target mosquitoes and ticks and apply the barrier treatment to your yard and surrounding areas to create a virtual barrier to keep mosquitoes and ticks far away from your home, your family, and your pets.

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Safety First

Our #1 priority is to keep your family and pets safe during and after treatments. We only use children and pet friendly ingredients.Our concentrated blend of essential oils and plant extracts eliminates the health hazards posed by other harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s proven to eliminate, kill on contact, and repel mosquitoes where they dwell.

a boy playing in a sprinkler in a yard

Better Coverage

We use targeted applications to create a continuous barrier around your property and ensure the best coverage. To maintain protection, our technicians will treat approximately every 21 days for the entire season. We’ll also check for possible breeding areas such as standing water during each visit.

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Great Prices

Mosquito Mary’s Mosquito Control offers residents a wide variety of contract-free programs, which offers flexible payment options. Based on your family’s specific needs, you may choose to go with one of our standalone plans – or upgrade to our Full Season Protection Plan and SAVE OVER $600 over the competition.

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Full Inspection

First, our experienced technician will inspect your property for possible breeding areas that include, standing water in an overturned garbage can lid, low lawn or flower bed areas that tend to hold water, under decks, around patios, or even the possibility of clogged gutters creating a perfect hidden mosquito, tick, and flea breeding site.

a mosquito control technician spraying around a garden

Spray Treatment

Next, using our highly effective mosquito control backpack mister, our technician will professionally apply our customized mosquito spray around the perimeter of your property focusing on common breeding areas like pools, patios, decks, flower beds, swing sets, and other possible mosquito breeding sites.

a person jumping in the grass

Instant Results

Finally, Mosquito Mary’s mosquito customized spray blend not only kills mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas on contact, it also masks the carbon dioxide humans naturally exhale (which is what attracts mosquitoes to us in the first place). Plus, it continues working as a highly effective mosquito repellent for as long as 21 days after treatment

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Mary's Satisfaction Guarantee

At Mosquito Mary’s, we believe you deserve to enjoy the outdoors again!© In our business, it’s easy to throw the words “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” on marketing materials and call it a day. But at Mosquito Mary’s, we’re so confident about the effectiveness of our Customized Barrier Spray Mosquito Control, our guarantee is actually a thing. We will go the extra mile to make sure your mosquito control service is the best it can be. Not 98%, not 99%. One hundred percent satisfaction. Anything less is not an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home when you treat my property?

No, you do not need to be home while we treat your property. Upon completion of each treatment our technician will leave notification of their services.

Do you offer one-time only treatments for a party, or special outdoor events?

Yes, we do! Our Event Blocker protection option is the perfect mosquito and tick control solution for any special upcoming outdoor event.

Does the all-natural treatment really work?

Absolutely! It’s not only a better option for the environment, it’s proven to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks on contact and repel for up to 14 days. We are so confident about our barrier spray and application techniques we offer a money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Will your service kill all the mosquitoes in our yard?

The great thing about our product is the kill on contact feature. Each visit our technicians eliminate more and more mosquitoes. Mosquito control is an on going battle and our services will provide a noticeably massive reduction in these biting pests. If at anytime you notice mosquitoes are reappearing, contact us within 7 days of your most recent treatment. We will gladly come out – free of charge! – and re-treat your property.

How much does your service cost?

No two yards are the same and we want to make sure we are offering the best protection plan for your unique property. The best way for our team to give you a quote for your property, is to click the “Request a Quote” button below. This will then prompt you to provide us with some of your basic info such as your name, contact info, and address. Once the form is received, our team will start working on a customized treatment plan based on your property size and the surrounding areas. We will then price your custom treatment plan to fit your needs all through our computer software.

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